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HXO is a culmination of passion, dedication, and a desire to build a community. Starting as a simple dream to connect underserved communities with the Internet, our journey has transitioned into a mission: make technology of all kinds more accessible and inclusive to communities that need them most.


"We landed our first RV Park in 2017 in Johnson City. We were so excited to have our first park, to change these people's lives. 


Jaden had set up our first access point and CPE in the main building of the park, but we simply could not get the exterior access points to connect. 

We were determined to get this park online, so we kept at it... working by flashlight at nightFinally, at 1AM, we got our first access point online.


Now this community, that had only sporadically working service, could work and go to school and the owner could run his business properly."

Jessica Garza, Owner




HXO is a collection of brands that share the common mission of making the communities they serve better than when they found them. 


By choosing to disrupt the status quo, our brands seek to lift up and serve communities that often are left behind by larger competitors.

With technology at our foundation, we choose to provide a more transparent and inclusive service offering so that every individual has access to the best technology they need to succeed.

Our Journey So Far, as told by our founder

The Dream

A Passion Project

HXO's journey began long before any company was established. Going back to our founder's adolescence, a lack of reliable Internet access sparked a fascination with technology and a passion to help others overcome this same hardship.


RV Communities

Our flagship brand GEV began with the story above: our two owners and an investment into an RV community in Johnson City, Texas in June. By building and servicing infrastructure in RV parks, GEV was a gateway into the Internet provider space and our first opportunity to provide a reliable service option for these communities.



HXO Brands In The Press

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