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Jaden Garza has had an interest and natural talent for technology solutions since his adolescent years. Having run several successful IT solution and technology companies, starting when he was just 18,  HXO is Jaden’s passion project at full capacity. 


As a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Jaden and his wife Jessica began an internet company servicing RV parks in the state of Texas in 2017. The primary objective was to bridge the digital divide that many rural areas experience. Jaden found that WiFi systems in RV parks were terrible and took away opportunities from travelers or full time residents who lived in these parks, so Jaden set out to change that, one RV park at a time. 


With his years of prior experience starting and running a successful WISP, Jaden used the same hub and spoke design he had used to build out rural towns, scaling the model to fit the need of each individual park. While operations were, at first, limited to the structures of the park, Jaden would eventually create efficiencies by erecting his own poles to follow the exact network design he envisioned, incorporating licensed LTE technology to create faster and better networks. The Summer of 2017 marked Jaden’s first successful installation. For the first time ever, this park could connect their laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and game consoles all at once. It was now possible for this community to work, go to school, and for the owners to run their business appropriately.


Being responsible for peoples’ livelihoods was so satisfying for Jaden. He has countless stories from people on how the WiFi networks he designed have changed their lives. Believing last mile and rural customers deserve to have the same quality of Internet as rural residents, Jaden’s passion is clear and simple. Getting people connected is a worthy cause worth fighting for and is his life’s passion. 


HXO Corporation is a culmination of similarly designed brands that strive to address gaps in technology, housing, and opportunities for children in underprivileged homes. Jaden’s newest venture is an extension of his passion for helping people, and intended to house a family of brands that seek to help their communities.

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Jessica Garza has always had a heart for the underdog, and a heart for servant leadership. She decided to take this passion for helping others in need and fuel it into a worthy cause by joining her partner and husband, Jaden, in the challenge to make access to the internet accessible for everyone, regardless of where they lived.

Jessica's ambitious personality and tenacity for getting the job done right was crucial during the early stages of the business. She fought through melting suns, endless nights, and complete darkness with her own two hands to make sure that the equipment her and Jaden were installing into these RV communities would not just work for those who needed it, but last. Her journey began in 2017 when her company GEV successfully installed their first network in a RV park located in Johnson City, and her passion has continued to shape and grow the company ever since.


Jessica has furthered her interest of helping others into other industries, such as launching a property management group in 2021 with a focus on affordable housing solutions for the community. As recently as this year, the portfolio is expanding into commercial real estate spaces to develop community access to affordable shared spaces, centers for youth education, and other community-centric opportunities for local business owners and artisans to develop their own entrepreneurial goals. Combined with her deep passion for the city of Bulverde, is Jessica's desire to bring new opportunities to the city and beyond it.

Jessica manages not only her own company but works side by side with her husband in creating a lasting impression for the community, hoping to be a continued resource to make sure that others can succeed. 

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